Hitting Programs

Off-season Winter Hitting Program 

Individual Attention:

Our hitting program is aimed to optimize each hitters swing based on the individual.  We do not take a one size fits all approach.  Each player will be evaluated when they first enter our program and we will identify deficiencies and use them as the starting point to improve performance.  Players work on techniques such as hitting approach and situational hitting in addition to mechanics. We will help players to create more efficient hitting patterns and developing bat speed with our weighted bat program. Combining hitting with our Sports Performance Skills Program helps our hitters reach their maximum potential.

-All New Athletes need to first do an evaluation

Areas of Focus:

  • Proper warm-up and medicine ball work for muscle activation and proper patterning

  • Mechanic focused drill work

  • Video analysis and utilization of the Hit Trax measurement/simulation system

  • Challenging training and variability

  • Bat Speed Program

  • Hitting approach and psychological support

Group Format:

The main reason we chose this structure is to create a fun and competitive training environment. We want to help these players become their own best coaches; holding their hand through every step is not the way to get there. Groups will be up to 8 players.  Each session is 60 minutes.

Athletes Leave Program With:

  • Improved bat speed, adaptability and swing plane

  • Improved ball exit velocity and distance

  • Hitting approach, routine and plan for games

  • An understanding of why things happen to help hitters self-correct.

  • Confidence.

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