Skills Program 

Powerhouse Sports will give players the needed edge to put their game over the top. The program has three primary areas of focus: Football Speed & Agility, Position Specific Technique Training, and General Football Knowledge. Making gains in each of these areas will take player's game to the next level.

Speed & Agility


A crisp first step, stopping on a dime, break-away acceleration; football is a game of speed and agility.   We will teach the athletes proper running form, change of direction, and quick twitch footwork needed to become a better athlete on the football field.  Athletes will be tested and measured in events just as they would at a camp or a combine (40yd Dash, Shuttle, L-Drill, Vertical, Broad Jump).


Position Training

Players will learn and master solid fundamental techniques and best practices that will help the make plays for their team. These are examples of some of the techniques that will be taught by position.

DL- Stances, alignments, get-off, hand placement, leverage, swim, spin, hoop, hump, swipe, bull

OL- Stances, footwork, punch-replace, kick-step, pull, drive, short set, scoop, double team, pass set, trap

WR- Stance, get-off, stem, route tree, stalk block, crack block, breaks, catching fundamentals

QB- Stance, footwork, ball handling, hot, 3-step, 5-step, gun, read safeties, Sail, passing mechanics

LB- Stances, keys-direct, flow, flow away, split, pass; defeating blocks, leverage, off & up coverage

DB- Stance, eyes-keys, leverage, off, press, bounce, creep, jam, trail, sluff. Flip turns, breaks

RB- Stance, alignments, handoffs, ball handling, read points, blocking, routes, pass pro


General Football Knowledge


We will encourage our athletes to become “students of the game.” Football is the greatest most complex team sport known to man. One mistake by one man often makes the difference in a play. But how does it all fit together? The more you understand about the game of football and how the pieces fit, the more effective you can become. Our coaches will share their vast experience and knowledge of the game divulging its secrets.  Understanding basic formations, concepts, personnel groups and situational tactics will increase your value on the field.

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