“Cory has been a tremendous help to my success as an athlete.  He helped tailor my workouts to help me succeed and I saw tremendous improvements and physical gains during the time I trained with him.  He helped me with rehab during my injuries and allowed me to jump right back into sports feeling ready to go.  I built a great friendship with Cory and will forever be grateful for all he has done for me.”

-Luke Beckstein, Kansas State Baseball commit


 “Training with Cory really helped me to focus on what I needed to do specifically as a soccer player.  His knowledge of how the body works and functions with different sports raised my athletic performance in soccer.  Each training session pushed me harder and harder and every time I went into the gym to train with him I knew I was coming out a better and stronger athlete.”

-Jack Goodrich, UMass-Lowell Soccer commit 


 “Cory is a dedicated trainer who loves and cares for his athletes.  He truly wants to see them reach the goals that they set out for themselves.  He has been so much more than a trainer for me over the past couple of years!”

-Robbie Stankard, Phillips Exeter Basketball 

"I had never met Tommy before this summer but upon meeting him he instantly helped me with open arms. I was struggling before seeing tommy to throw strikes. Within two bullpens he was able to help me find the strike zone again and return the movement on my breaking pitches. I’m back to being a competitive pitcher in large part because of Tommy’s help."
-Brennen Oxford, Wake Forest University Pitcher


“NESP has quickly developed into the best training facility in the Seacoast area. For myself as a college pitcher, I am able to come home for winter and summer break and use the facility to apply all that I have learned while at school. Having Tommy Lawrence as the pitching coordinator at the facility has benefited me incredibly from his knowledge of the game, along with the baseball analytics side of the game. Having access to some of the newest technology and with Tommy’s ability to apply the information, I have continue to grow as a pitcher.”

-Trevor Labonte, University of Maryland Pitcher

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