Sports Performance

We train with intent.  This program is built upon the principles of training movements and muscles the same way they are used in sport.  We welcome any athlete to join this program.


We Focus On…


  • Developing Power, Speed, Strength

  • Increasing Physical Condition

  • Decreasing Risk of Injury


Athletes competing in sport must have a balanced body and be able to handle the demands of sport. Our training programs are adaptive to each individual and where they are developmentally.  We strive to maximize performance and ultimately  reduce injuries.


What does a session look like?


Athletes will be working in small groups with a program tailored to their needs. Sessions last roughly 60 – 75 minutes and include:

  • Dynamic Warm-ups

  • Soft Tissue Preparation

  • Mobility & CNS Activation

  • Plyometrics, Power, Speed & Agility Work

  • Strength Training & Conditioning

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